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Sharing the Love of Christ

In the church.

In the community.

In the world.


Plug in to St. John

Sharing the Love of Christ

St.  John Lutheran Church is an ELCA congregation and has been Sharing the Love of Christ for 120 years within this congregation, out in the community and in the world.  Our faith community encounters God through sermons, song and sacrament.  Worship and communion take place every Saturday night and Sunday morning.  We invite you to join us.

Worship Services

Saturday Evening 

   5:30 p.m. Piano Accompanied Liturgical Worship Service

Sunday Morning

   8:30am* & 11am 

   *Livestream service.  View on our YouTube Channel.

Staff Emails

Pastor Robin Caldwell

Pastor Evan Mayhew

Nicole Adams

Tori Hicks

Heather Hinthorn

Pam Kornaus

Dawn MacGregor

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