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Sharing the Love of Christ

In the church.

In the community.

In the world.

St. John Youth & Families Ministry

Faith Formation for Youth & Families



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Young Adult Ministry (YAM) 


Have you ever sat in a pew and thought, “Where are the young people at?” 


Have you struggled to find adult friends to have fun with or a supportive group that doesn’t revolve solely around couples, kids, or being a parent? 


Do you long for space to be honest about your doubts, share your fears and dreams, and have real conversations? 


Are you searching for more meaning, or dreaming about making a difference? 


Are you looking for a community where you can be yourself, messy parts, rough edges, and all?


Well, so are we!  Welcome to Young Adult Ministry! (YAM)


We are a new church community at St. John, made up of people roughly between the ages of 23-40, and we would like to invite you to join us as we gather.


Whether you’re single or in a relationship, a parent or child-averse, living in the basement or buying a new house, fresh out of college or working on a new degree, a super-active church-goer or leaning toward agnostic with a sailors mouth… or somewhere in-between these arbitrary categories (like most of us!)… no matter who you are, all backgrounds, identities, orientations, abilities, beliefs and disbeliefs, there is a place for you here!We hope you will join us as we figure out how to make it through our 20s and 30s together, and rediscover who we are, what we really want, and who we want to be in the world.

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