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Video Recording & Tech Tips

General Info

Cell Phones have really made video recording accessible for ​everyone.  You probably do it all the time and don't even think about it!  Here are some tips to keep in mind when you record your scene.

  • Have fun spending time with your family as you tell God's story!  Storytelling and family time together is our goal here, not perfect video production.

  • Be creative with your scenes, costumes and props!  Need help?  Let us know.

  • These are dusk, evening scenes.  If possible, try not to record with bright sunlight streaming in.  If it's not possible, no worries!

Camera Placement

  • Centered.  Frame your shot so that everyone is visible for the duration of the shot. 

  • Stable.  Use a tripod or set up some books, cans of food, toys, etc.  to keep your camera from tipping over!  Be sure not to block the phone's microphone.  Please try to not record holding your phone your hand. 


  • Lights off to the side, above and/or shining into your recording space work best!

  • Do a test and record about 30 sec. in the space you intend to do your scene at the time of day you're planning on.  Play it back.  Does it look dark?  It's ok.  Soft lighting in person often looks too dark on screen.   Bring in or turn on more lights.  Hard lighting blows out color and makes things look stark white.  Move away from that lighting source and try again.

  • If you can see everyone, you've got it!  

  • P.S.  Windows and fireplaces are not your friends!  Don't shoot your scene in front of windows or fireplaces because the camera will automatically backlight you and you will look become a walking talking silhouette!



  • Be mindful of distance.  Cell phone microphones are generally made to pick up sound from your mouth as you speak into the phone.  Standing closer to the phone will produce better sound!

  • Quiet on the set!  Turn off your cell phone ringers, the tv and anything else that brings sound into your shoot.  

  • Test.  Record a run through and play it back to make sure you can hear everyone clearly.

  • P.S. - Kids notoriously squirm and wiggle and move when it's their turn to's ok!  Often they'll squirm the opposite direction of the microphone!  Don't fret.  If a few words are too soft to hear, I can put up a text graphic for the audience to read.  Don't let it stress you out!!


Q:  How do I submit my home recording video?

A:   Email it to 


Q:  How long should my video to be?

A:   Make it however long or short it needs to be to tell your part of the story.  There is no time limit.

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