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Sharing the Love of Christ

In the church.

In the community.

In the world.


Plug in to St. John

Growing in Faith


We steward our financial resources with great care and celebrate generosity through videos, communications, conversations, and strong ELCA partnerships.  Thank you for loving this church with your time, your prayers, and your gifts.  It's your way of saying, "I love what St. John is doing and I want to make sure it keeps happening and keeps growing."

Sign up for online giving or to access your account.  

Choose how and when you give.  Designated giving options are available here.

Clicking the red button above takes you to the secure Vanco online giving site for St. John Lutheran Church.

Use the online Commitment      Card form this year!

No need to bring in or mail your paper card on Commitment Weekend.

Clicking the green button above takes you to the digital version; 

on Commitment Sunday, we'll have "I Already Committed" cards for you to bring to the altar.

Contact the church office with any questions or concerns​.

Call Pam Kornaus at the church office at 815.439.2320 to get an immediate response.

Clicking the grey button above initiates an email to Pam Kornau at the church office.

Commitment Weekend is

October 26-27

From Building Costs to Sharing the Love of Christ 

Week 1

Our building has expenses just as our homes do like electricity, gas, internet, mortgage, etc.  This beautiful space allows us to Share the Love of Christ 7 days a week.

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SJLCFP Savitri.jpg

Worship Video

Faith Series Mini's:

Without a church home on Easter morning, the Swansons set out to find somewhere to worship.  How did they end up here?

Faith Series Mini's:

Within the walls of St. John the Adams family finds spiritual fulfillment during Lenten worship.

Commitment Weekend is October 26-27

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