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Sign up for a speaking part

Christmas is coming! 

Join the celebration and welcome the Christ child into the world in our first ever

Sunday School Virtual Christmas Program.

This year the program reflects our 2020 Sunday School model where families attend with all of their children instead of only children meeting by grade. 

Sign up your entire family or just your Sunday School student for a speaking part by November 15th.

How is this going to work?

Starting today, you can sign up for a speaking part in God's Greatest Gift.  You can sign up your Sunday School student, or your entire family.  Scenes will be recorded at your home, sent to us and then edited into a video, similar to how we do worship. 


Since March, our members have enjoyed recording short videos at home for various worship services.  We want you to have fun and tell your part of the story the best you can using whatever you have at home for props and costumes!  There is no need to purchase anything.  Our staff will be available to answer any questions, offer technical support and help in any way you need!  We don't expect perfection!  

On Sunday, December 20th at 4pm we will host a Facebook Watch Party.  You can invite family and friends to save the date for the Watch Party and we will provide the link in plenty of time.

We are excited to see how this comes together and look forward to watching our Sunday School students & families tell the story of God's Greatest Gift.

What is the schedule?

Now - Sunday, November 15th

Sign up for a speaking part for your child/ren or your whole family.  Nothing to do or think of until after Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 30th

You will receive your assigned speaking part(s) via email.  

Tuesday, December 1st - Saturday, December 12th

Videoing of all speaking parts.

  • If your speaking part is for your student only, then it's most likely s/he will join a Zoom session with Dawn MacGregor who will direct the students and record the session.  She will coordinate the date and time with you the first week of December.

  • If your speaking part is for your student only and the scene doesn't require others, then you will use your phone to record at home.

  • If your speaking part is for your entire family, then you will use your phone to record your lines or short scene at home. It's ok if you have people in your family who don't want to speak!  We need some non-speakers like a baby Jesus, shepherds, animals, etc.

  • If you're not a techie, that's ok, we don't expect you to be!  We will help you with anything technical you may need.

Sunday, December 13th

All videos are due today.

Sunday, December 20th

Facebook Watch Party at 4pm.


Email Us 

Call Us at 815.439.2320

  • Leave a message on either the church office's voicemail, or on Pastor Robin's voicemail.

Email us your Questions

Thanks for submitting!

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