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We have Christmas Eve nighttime weather on our radar and will be making decisions as it gets closer.  Here is what we do know.  No matter the weather, we will worship together.  If it gets too cold to operate the video wall and/or cameras, it's ok, it's 2020 and we pivot quickly every day! Best case scenario, everything works as planned with video wall and cameras.  Plan B is we all gather as planned and pastors will hold worship outside in our parking lot using the 100.9 FM radio station for you to tune in to.  It will be similar to the Light Up the Night we held earlier this month.  Check back here for updates.

NOTE:  If you are concerned about being out when it's so cold out, or really want to experience worship in the parking lot with the video screen, change your sign up.  There are a lot of slots open for 3pm,

12.23.20 12:30pm

Dear Beloved Community:We have some disappointing news which will affect Drive-In worship on Christmas Eve.The parking lot worship for Christmas Eve will STILL happen in the parking lot, but we cannot use the video wall and stage as planned. Here’s the reason why it won’t work:  The dangerous wind gusts will cause unsafe conditions for the video wall, i.e., the wind could knock it over, and wind chills will cause the equipment to malfunction. As with any outdoor event, you take the chance the weather will not cooperate.


We don’t want to spend money on something we can’t use.Here’s the plan for Christmas Eve worship:

  • We will still have parking lot worship at 3pm, 5pm, 7pm, and 11pm. Pastors will lead worship. It will be transmitted over the radio on channel FM 100.9. We will still sing Christmas Carols (including Silent Night), and have communion.

  • We will still have online Christmas Eve worship available tomorrow morning on YouTube as planned.  If you want to see all the beautiful videos and congregational recordings created for worship, check out the online worship!


Like you, I’m disappointed. However, I am still so grateful to gather together, remembering God comes to places needing peace and hope. That’s the story we are telling, no matter the conditions.


Peace, friends, and Merry Christmas,

Pastor Jen

12.22.20  9am  We plan to have 11pm worship with the video wall, radio station and everything as planned.

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